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About the Hanga Gallery

What is the Hanga Gallery?

The Hanga Gallery is an online art gallery devoted to 20th century woodblock prints. It is owned and operated by Robin Devereux. Hanga is the Japanese word for print and we specialize in both shin hanga and modern woodblock prints. We sell woodblock prints and paintings in our online catalogue.

Our website also includes a reference gallery of images and biographical information about the artists we deal in. This part of the website is updated periodically with new images and new exhibits. If you would like to contribute any information or pictures to the Hanga Gallery website, please contact us.

Where is the Hanga Gallery located?

The Hanga Gallery is an internet-based business and the majority of our sales are made online. We do not have a storefront location. Our mailing address is: Hanga Gallery
21 Gloucester Ct.
Durham, NC  27713

The Hanga Gallery can reached by phone and by email at hanga.gallery@yahoo.com. Please try contacting us by email if possible, as we are not always available by phone.

I have a print I want to sell...

We are very interested in purchasing woodblock prints by 20th century artists. These artists include but are not limited to the artists listed below and in our reference gallery. You can either use our online form or email us at hangatorii@yahoo.com with a description of each print that you want to sell.

Before purchasing prints, we will also need to see scans or photographs to ensure condition. It is particularly important that we see photos of the back and the margins. We prefer to purchase prints unframed, if possible.

Artists of Interest

Hashiguchi Goyo
Ito Shinsui
Torii Kotondo
Kobayakawa Kiyoshi
Yamakawa Shuho
Natori Shunsen
Yoshikawa Kanpo
Yamamura Toyonari
Ohara Koson (Shoson)
Watanabe Seitei
Komori Soseki
Yoshijiro Urushibara

Kawase Hasui
Hiroshi Yoshida
Fujio Yoshida
Toshi Yoshida
Hodaka Yoshida
Shiro Kasamatsu
Oda Kazuma
Tsuchiya Koitsu
Ishiwata Koitsu
Ito Takashi
Kiyoshi Saito
Jun'ichiro Sekino

Cyrus Baldridge
Charles W. Bartlett
Pieter Irwin Brown
Fritz Capelari
Helen Hyde
Elizabeth Keith
Paul Jacoulet
Katharine Jowett
Bertha Lum
Lilian Miller
Noel Nouet
Shirley Russell

Where can I buy the prints pictured on the Hanga Gallery website?

If we have a particular print for sale, it will be listed in our print catalogue and you can order it online. The majority of the prints in the side gallery are not for sale. Many of these images have been scanned from books or catalogues. The side gallery does get updated frequently with new information and images. Your comments about the Hanga Gallery website are greatly appreciated. Any contribution is welcome, especially information on artists and prints.

Can you help me find a specific print?

Yes, we are happy to look around for specific prints or artists. Please feel free to contact us about prints or artists on your want list. If we come across a print or artist you are seeking, we will email you before listing it in our print catalogue.