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Prints published by Watanabe Shozaburo: Ohara Koson

1.   Hawk in Snow, (1926, oban)

2.   Herons in Reeds, (1926, oban)

3.   White Herons and Willow, (1926, oban)

4.   Kingfisher and Iris, (1926, oban)

5.   Iris, (1926, oban)

6.   Wisteria and Swallows, (1926, oban)

6V.   Wisteria and Swallows (variant), (1926, oban)

7.   Carp swimming by Watergrass, (1926, oban)

8.   Goldfish, (1926, oban)

9.   Wild Geese in Flight, (1926, oban)

10.   Geese near Pond, (1926, oban)

11.   Plovers by the Seaside, (1926, oban)

12.   Reeds and Snipe in a Stream, (1926, oban)

13.   Owl and Cherry Blossoms, (1926, oban)

14.   Pomegranate and Parrot, (1927, oban)

15.   Five Herons in Snow, (1927, oban)

16.   Crows in Moonlight, (1927, oban)

17.   Snow at Yanagibashi, (1927, oban)

18.   Wild Geese in Lake, (1928, oban)

19.   Heron in Rain, (1928, oban)

20.   Reeds and Geese, (1928, oban)

21.   Camellia and Rice Birds, (1929, oban)

22.   Hydrangeas and Wasps, (1929, oban)

23.   Nanten Bush and Fly Catchers in Snow, (1929, oban)

24.   Bluebird and Willow, (1930, oban)

25.   Skylark and Peach Blossoms, (1931, oban)

26.   Running Water and Chrysanthemums, (1931, oban)

27.   Plum Blossoms and Oriental Bullfinch, (1931, oban)

28.   Magnolia and Magpie, (1931, oban)

29.   Rabbits and Bush Clover, (1931, oban)

30.   Morning Glories, (1931, oban)

31.   Cherry Blossoms and Pigeon, (1931, oban)

32.   Rose Mallow and Fly Catcher, (1932, oban)

33.   A Pair of Macaws, (1932, oban)

34.   Great Tits and Begonia, (1932, oban)

35.   Cherry on a Moonlit Night, (1932, oban)

36.   Coxcomb, (1932, oban)

37.   Peonies and Japanese Nightingale, (1932, oban)

38.   Cranes on the Seashore, (1933, oban)

39.   Flying Eagle, (1933, oban)

40.   Poppies, (1933, oban)

41.   Cat and Goldfish Bowl, (1933, oban)

42.   Vine and Japanese Bunting, (1934, oban)

43.   Tigerlily and Butterfly, (1934, oban)

44.   Hollyhock and Dragonfly, (1934, oban)

45.   Azalea in Bowl, (1934, oban)

46.   Mandarin Ducks in Snow, (1935, oban)

47.   Snowy Reeds and Flying Duck, (1935, oban)

48.   Pond in Late Autumn, (1935, oban)

49.   Two Beauties in Rain, (1935, oban)

50.   Fox by the Pond, in Moonlight, (1935, oban)

51.   A Flower Basket, (1935, oban)

52.   Peacock, (n.d., 32 x 36 cm)

53.   Wild Ducks in Lotus Pond, (n.d., dai oban)

54.   Common and Golden Carp, (1935, dai oban)

55.   Fuji with Flowering Cherry, (n.d., oban)

56.   Moorhens and Iris, (1926, tanzaku)

57.   Deer at Lakeside, (1930, tanzaku)

58.   Egret on Snowy Tree, (1930, tanzaku)

58V.   Egret on Snowy Tree (gray variant), (1930, tanzaku)

59.   Crows and Moon, (1930, tanzaku)

60.   Red Carp, (1930, tanzaku)

61.   Monkeys and Butterflies, (1930, tanzaku)

62.   Cicada on Willow, (1930, tanzaku)

63.   Crows in the Snow, (1930, tanzaku)

64.   Fireflies, (1934, tanzaku)

65.   Cuckoo in Rain, (1930, tanzaku)

66.   Two Herons in Flight, (1930, tanzaku)

67.   Egrets in Snow, (1930, tanzaku)

68.   Japanese Bunting and Camellia, (n.d., tanzaku)

69.   Two Cranes in Shallow Water, (n.d., tanzaku)

70.   Carrion Crow on Snowy Branch, (n.d., tanzaku)

71.   Mallards in Flight, (n.d., tanzaku)

72.   Flying Geese and Full Moon, (n.d., tanzaku)

73.   Quails in Grass, (n.d., tanzaku)

74.   Night Heron and Reeds, (n.d., tanzaku)

75.   Wagtail and Lotus, (n.d., tanzaku)

76.   Blue Robin on Maple, (n.d., tanzaku)

77.   Sparrows on Wisteria, (n.d., tanzaku)

78.   Two Rice Birds and Maple, (n.d., tanzaku)

79.   Bantam Cock, Hen, and Chick, (n.d., tanzaku)

80.   Two Turkeys, (n.d., tanzaku)

81.   Lovebirds on Branch, (n.d., tanzaku)

82.   Peony and Butterfly, (n.d., tanzaku)

83.   Mt. Fuji in the Evening, (n.d., tanzaku)

84.   Dragonfly and Flowering Lotus, (n.d., tanzaku)

85.   Night Heron, (n.d., shikishiban)

86.   Mallards in Flight, (n.d., shikishiban)

87.   Kingfisher in Snow, (n.d., shikishiban)

88.   Three Plovers in Flight, (n.d., shikishiban)

89.   Owl and Chestnut, (1934, shikishiban)

90.   Flycatcher and Pomegranate, (n.d., shikishiban)

91.   Three Little Egrets, (n.d., shikishiban)

92.   Rooster, Hen, and Chicks, (1934, shikishiban)

93.   Cockatoo on Bar, (1927, shikishiban)

94.   Carp and Waterfall, (1935, shikishiban)

95.   Two Carp and Lotus, (n.d., shikishiban)

96.   Trout and Flowering Plants, (n.d., shikishiban)

97.   Badger, (1934, shikishiban)

98.   Monkey in Persimmon Tree, (1935, shikishiban)

99.   Iris, (n.d., shikishiban)

Prints published by Nishinomiya Yosaku: Ohara Koson

1.   Cormorant at Coast, (n.d., dai oban)

2.   Cawing Crow, (n.d., tanzaku)

3.   Owl and Crescent Moon, (n.d., tanzaku)

Prints published by Kawaguchi & Sakai: Ohara Koson

1.   Heron on Snowy Branch, (n.d., oban)

2.   Two White Cockatoos on Red Bar, (n.d., oban)

3.   Myna on Magnolia Branch, (n.d., oban)

4.   Rooster and Hen, (n.d., oban)

5.   Carp and Wisteria, (n.d., oban)

6.   Frogs Imitating a Sumo Wrestling Match, (n.d., oban)

7.   Fox in the Reeds, (n.d., oban)

8.   Cat Trapping a Mouse, (n.d., oban)

9.   Pekingese Dog and Birdcage, (n.d., oban)

10.   Cock Attacking Weasel, (n.d., oban)

11.   Five Monkeys, (n.d., oban)

12.   Purple Flowering Hosta, (n.d., oban)

13.   Flowering Iris, (n.d., oban)

14.   Flowering Waterlilies, (n.d., oban)

15.   Flowering Lotus, (n.d., oban)

16.   Bamboo Basket with Fruits, (n.d., oban)

17.   White Lily, (n.d., oban)

18.   Ligularia, (n.d., oban)

19.   Azalea, (n.d., oban)

20.   Rabbits under Full Moon, (n.d., oban)

Prints published by Kokkeido: Ohara Koson

1.   Eagle on a Bough, (n.d., nagaoban)

2.   Quail Under a Crescent Moon, (n.d., nagaoban)

3.   Waxwings in Flight, (n.d., nagaoban)

4.   Goshawk Chasing a Hare, (n.d., nagaoban)

5.   Snipes near the Seaside, (n.d., nagaoban)

6.   Night Heron and Moon, (n.d., nagaoban)

7.   Cock and Chicks, (n.d., nagaoban)

8.   Grey Heron on Branch, (n.d., nagaoban)

9.   Green Pheasant in Flight, (n.d., nagaoban)

10.   Owl in Flight, (n.d., nagaoban)

11.   Jay on a Oak Branch, (n.d., nagaoban)

12.   Great-Tit and Wisteria, (n.d., nagaoban)

13.   Pigeons on Ginkgo Branch, (n.d., nagaoban)

14.   Myna on Magnolia, (n.d., nagaoban)

15.   Little Egret on Branch, (n.d., nagaoban)

16.   Lapwing in Flight and Moon, (n.d., nagaoban)

17.   Mallard on Stump, (n.d., nagaoban)

18.   Geese, (n.d., nagaoban)

19.   Night Heron Under a Crescent Moon, (n.d., nagaoban)

20.   Goshawk and Sparrow in Snow, (n.d., tanzaku)

21.   Snipe Under the Moon, (n.d., tanzaku)

22.   Eagle on a Snowy Bough, (n.d., tanzaku)

23.   Moorhen, (n.d., tanzaku)

24.   Geese and Moon, (n.d., tanzaku)

25.   Japanese Wagtail near Waterfall, (n.d., tanzaku)

26.   Kingfisher at Water's Edge, (n.d., tanzaku)

27.   Starlings in Flight, (n.d., tanzaku)

28.   Mallard in Snow, (n.d., tanzaku)

29.   Sparrow in Clump of Bamboo, (n.d., tanzaku)

30.   Bullfinches on Red Plum Branch, (n.d., tanzaku)

31.   Monkeys Playing, (n.d., tanzaku)

32.   Warbler on Branch of Weeping Cherry, (n.d., tanzaku)

33.   Snipe at Waterside, (n.d., tanzaku)

34.   Black-faced Bunting on Camellia Branch, (n.d., tanzaku)

35.   Pigeons Under Cherry Blossoms, (n.d., tanzaku)

36.   Flycatcher on Forsythia Branch, (n.d., tanzaku)

37.   Sparrows on a Hemp Palm, (n.d., tanzaku)

38.   Snipe on a Snowy Pine Branch, (n.d., tanzaku)

39.   Sparrows in a Clump of Bamboo, (n.d., tanzaku)

40.   Dragonfly and Lotus, (n.d., tanzaku)

41.   Lapwing on a Bough, (n.d., tanzaku)

42.   Moorhen and Iris, (n.d., tanzaku)

43.   Deer, (n.d., tanzaku)

44.   Golden Carp, (n.d., tanzaku)

45.   Peacock and Peahen, (n.d., tanzaku)

46.   Swallow on Bamboo, (n.d., tanzaku)

47.   Great Tits on Branch, (n.d., tanzaku)

48.   Bee and Wisteria, (n.d., tanzaku)

49.   Mantis and Moon, (n.d., tanzaku)

50.   Cocks, (n.d., tanzaku)

51.   Swallows Flying Under Willow and Cherry Trees, (n.d., tanzaku)

52.   Eagle on Bough, (n.d., tanzaku)

53.   Goose in Flight with Moon, (n.d., tanzaku)

54.   Japanese Wagtail on Bamboo Water Pipe, (n.d., tanzaku)

55.   Mandarin Ducks in the Snow, (n.d., tanzaku)

56.   Geese Flying in Snow, (n.d., tanzaku)

57.   Little Egret in Rain, (n.d., tanzaku)

58.   Woodpecker on a Treetrunk, (n.d., tanzaku)

59.   Monkey in Persimmon Tree, (n.d., tanzaku)

60.   Monkey Catching a Dragonfly, (n.d., tanzaku)

61.   Monkey Hanging on Bamboo, (n.d., tanzaku)

62.   Dancing Fox, (n.d., tanzaku)

63.   Crabs, (n.d., tanzaku)

64.   Goshawk Chasing a Hare, (n.d., tanzaku)

65.   Deer on Snowy Peak, (n.d., tanzaku)

66.   Howling Tiger, (n.d., tanzaku)

67.   Owl on Ginkgo Branch, (n.d., tanzaku)

68.   Owl and Moon, (n.d., tanzaku)

69.   Snipe in Flight with Moon, (n.d., tanzaku)

70.   Seagulls in Flight, (n.d., tanzaku)

71.   Small Owl and Chickadees, (n.d., tanzaku)

72.   Magpie, (n.d., tanzaku)

73.   Wind Chaffs in Rain, (n.d., tanzaku)

74.   Bats, (n.d., tanzaku)

75.   Crow Eating Pomegranate, (n.d., tanzaku)

76.   Cat and Butterfly, (n.d., tanzaku)

77.   Wren and Yellow Fruit, (n.d., tanzaku)

78.   Copper Pheasant in Snow, (n.d., tanzaku)

79.   Shrike and Spider, (n.d., tanzaku)

80.   Carrion Crow on Snowy Branch, (n.d., tanzaku)

81.   Crow on Cherry Branch, (n.d.)

82.   Butterfly and Rape Blossoms, (n.d.)

83.   White Goshawk on Branch, (n.d.)

84.   Little Egret and Willow, (n.d., tanzaku)

85.   Crossbill, (n.d., tanzaku)

86.   Wild Boar, (n.d., tanzaku)

87.   Wasps and Praying Mantis, (n.d., tanzaku)

88.   Roaring Tiger, (n.d., tanzaku)

89.   Butterfly and Lily, (n.d., tanzaku)

100.   Dog and Pine Needles, (n.d., shikishiban)

101.   Puppies in Box, (n.d., shikishiban)

102.   Pigeons and Maple, (n.d., shikishiban)

103.   Little Bird and Cherry Blossoms, (n.d., shikishiban)

104.   Varied Tits on a Branch, (n.d., shikishiban)

105.   Owl and Moon, (n.d., shikishiban)

106.   Swallow and Wisteria, (n.d., shikishiban)

107.   Little Cuckoo in Flight and Moon, (n.d., shikishiban)

108.   Geese in Flight and Moon, (n.d., shikishiban)

109.   Little Egret, (n.d., shikishiban)

110.   Diving Mallard, (n.d., shikishiban)

111.   Quail in Flight, (n.d., shikishiban)

112.   Night Heron on Branch, (n.d., shikishiban)

113.   Mantis and Moon, (n.d., shikishiban)

114.   Deer, (n.d., shikishiban)

115.   Monkey with Bee, (n.d., shikishiban)

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