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Telephone Information

Before calling us at 919-973-6169, please see if any of these situations apply to you.

1. I found a print that I like on this website, but I can't seem to locate the price.

If you are looking at a print that does not have a price listed online, it is probably not for sale. Many of the images on our website are meant solely for the reference and enjoyment of our online visitors. Unfortunately we do not have all of these prints in our inventory. To view our current inventory, please see prints for sale.

2. I realize that this print isn't currently for sale, but I may want to purchase it should it become available in the future.

If you are interested in locating a particular print design, please email us at hanga.gallery@yahoo.com. Please keep in mind that it can take several years to locate certain print designs, particularly if they are rare. You are not under any obligation to purchase requested prints.

3. I have a woodblock print that I would like to sell.

We are interested in purchasing 20th century woodblock prints in very good condition. Please submit digital photos using this online form or email the photos directly to hanga.gallery@yahoo.com along with a brief description of your prints.

4. I have a woodblock print that I don't want to sell, but I would like to know it's value.

We can give a free approximation of the current value for insurance purposes. Please email hanga.gallery@yahoo.com with a description of your prints. We can provide written appraisals for insurance purposes for a fee, but this requires detailed photos of prints, front and back, outside of frames.

5. I want to order a print listed in the print catalogue, and I would rather speak to someone than send my information through the online order form.

Please call us at 919-973-6169 or provide your phone information with this contact form and request that we call you back. We are not always available by phone, but we will try to call you back as soon as possible.
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