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The Hanga Gallery, located in Durham, North Carolina, specializes in Japanese shin hanga prints of the early 20th century and selected modern prints.

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Our partner, the Torii Gallery, located in Bethesda, Maryland, deals in Japanese woodblock prints, ranging from ukiyo-e and shin hanga to contemporary prints.

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new acquisitions

Fuji from Kawaguchi Lake
by Hiroshi Yoshida

Garden in Autumn
by Kawase Hasui

Waxwings on Berry Branch
by Ohara Koson

Abumi Promontory
by Kawase Hasui

by Charles W. Bartlett

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Tropical Fish by Isaku Nakagawa

Vibrant tropical fish and a sneaky octopus, all wearing rather comical expressions (if you look closely at them!), are the subject of this early 1940s-era woodblock print by the sosaku-hanga artist, Isaku Nakagawa. Nakagawa helped found the Kyoto Sôsaku-hanga Kyôkai (Kyoto Creative Print Society) in 1929 and joined the Nihon Hanga Kyôkai (Japan Print Association) in 1932. His prints were displayed in numerous exhibitions throughout his lifetime.

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