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Kawaguchi & Sakai

Seal A

Seal B

Seal C

Seal D

Seal E

Kawaguchi and Sakai were a team of Tokyo publishers known for producing high quality woodblock prints. They began working together in the 1920's (apparently around 1929) and collaborated with several noteworthy artists, including Kawase Hasui and Ohara Koson. They published prints in limited editions of 100, numbered on the back side.

Unfortunately, in 1931 their partnership was dissolved. Kawaguchi continued to operate the publishing house by himself until World War II, but he primarily concentrated on reprinting earlier designs rather than publishing new prints. In the 1950's, Kawaguchi sold his printing blocks to another publisher, Shobisha.

Seal A and Seal B are the publisher's seals found in the lower left margin of original Kawaguchi and Sakai prints published before 1931. Seal A is from a copy of Hasui's Snow at Ueno Toshogu Shrine. Seal B is the more common form of the publisher's seal and can be found on several Hasui prints. Prints with these seals are quite rare and highly sought after by collectors.

Seal C and Seal D are found in the margins of Kawaguchi prints published after 1931. Kawaguchi reprinted earlier designs based on demand. He would publish multiple "limited" editions from the same blocks, in editions of 150, 250, 350, etc. Seal D is sometimes found in conjunction with Seal C, sometimes alone. It reads "Kawaguchi" in Katakana script. Prints with these seals are still sought after by collectors, but they are not as rare as early edition Kawaguchi and Sakai prints.

Seal E is found on both original Kawaguchi and Sakai prints and later Kawaguchi prints. It is a traditional Japanese design of a chrysanthemum and running water.

Artists published by Kawaguchi & Sakai
Kawase Hasui
Tsuchiya Koitsu
Ohara Koson
Komori Soseki
Torii Kotondo
Inuzuka Taisui

Prints published by Kawaguchi & Sakai: Kawase Hasui

1.   Snow at Ueno Kiyomizudo, (1929, dai oban)

2.   Miyajima in Snow, (1929, dai oban)

3.   Snow at Ueno Toshogu Shrine, (1929, tanzaku)

4.   Iris, (1929, dai oban)

5.   Pine Tree After Snow, (1929, dai oban)

6.   Shiba Benten Pond, (1929, dai oban)

7.   Snow at Benten Shrine Entrance, Inokashira, (1929, dai oban)

8.   Futatsudo, Nikko, (1929, dai oban)

9.   Rain at Ushibori, (1929, dai oban)

10.   Zozoji Temple in Snow, (1929, dai oban)

11.   Twilight at Ushibori, (1930, dai oban)

12.   Snow at Kamibashi Bridge, Nikko, (1930, dai oban)

13.   Lake Chuzenji, Nikko, (1930, dai oban)

14.   Rain at Omiya, (1930, dai oban)

15.   Evening at Itako, (1930, dai oban)

16.   River with Pine, (1930, dai oban)

Prints published by Kawaguchi & Sakai: Tsuchiya Koitsu

1.   Fishing at Morigaseki, (1930, oban)

2.   Nikko Futarasan Shrine, (1930, oban)

3.   Red Pagoda in Snow, Nikko, (1930, oban)

Prints published by Kawaguchi & Sakai: Ohara Koson

1.   Heron on Snowy Branch, (n.d., oban)

2.   Two White Cockatoos on Red Bar, (n.d., oban)

3.   Myna on Magnolia Branch, (n.d., oban)

4.   Rooster and Hen, (n.d., oban)

5.   Carp and Wisteria, (n.d., oban)

6.   Frogs Imitating a Sumo Wrestling Match, (n.d., oban)

7.   Fox in the Reeds, (n.d., oban)

8.   Cat Trapping a Mouse, (n.d., oban)

9.   Pekingese Dog and Birdcage, (n.d., oban)

10.   Cock Attacking Weasel, (n.d., oban)

11.   Five Monkeys, (n.d., oban)

12.   Purple Flowering Hosta, (n.d., oban)

13.   Flowering Iris, (n.d., oban)

14.   Flowering Waterlilies, (n.d., oban)

15.   Flowering Lotus, (n.d., oban)

16.   Bamboo Basket with Fruits, (n.d., oban)

17.   White Lily, (n.d., oban)

18.   Ligularia, (n.d., oban)

19.   Azalea, (n.d., oban)

20.   Rabbits under Full Moon, (n.d., oban)

Prints published by Kawaguchi & Sakai: Komori Soseki

1.   Mallard Ducks, (1929, hosoban)

2.   Goldfish, (1929, hosoban)

3.   Geese in Snow, (1929, hosoban)

4V.   Birds on Persimmon (orange variant), (1929, hosoban)

4.   Birds on Persimmon, (1929, hosoban)

5.   Moorhens, (1929, hosoban)

6.   Herons in Rain, (1929, hosoban)

7.   Leaping Carp, (1929, hosoban)

Prints published by Kawaguchi & Sakai: Inuzuka Taisui

1.   Peonies in Vase, (1929, oban)

2.   Morning Glories, (1929, oban)

3.   Coleus, (1929, oban)

4.   Dahlias, (1929, oban)

5.   Hydrangeas and Butterfly, (1929, oban)

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