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Fusui Gabo

Fusui seal

The Fusui Gabo company was a Tokyo publishing house active during the 1930's. It was apparently owned by Fusui Shobo. Though the specialty of Fusui Gabo was reproducing paintings by famous ukiyo-e masters, the publisher also worked with shin hanga artists, including Takahashi Shotei. The Fusui Gabo company published both bijin-ga and landscape prints by Shotei. The majority of these landscapes are views of Mt. Fuji.

The publisher's seal at left reads "Copyright owned by Fusui Gabo Company" (Hanyen shoyu Fusui Gabo hakko). It is found stamped in the side margin of the print. In some cases, there is no border around this seal. Most of the prints published by Fusui Gabo are not dated. It is not known whether Fusui Gabo was active after World War II.

Prints published by Fusui Gabo: Takahashi Shotei

1.   Fuji through Satta Train Tunnel, (n.d., oban)

2.   Near Kazuyama, (n.d., oban)

3.   Fuji from Kurasawa, (1929, oban)

4.   Fuji from Gumisawa, (n.d., oban)

5.   Fuji from Kamiide, (n.d., oban)

6.   Fuji from Lake Yamanaka, (1929, oban)

7.   Fuji from Senbon Beach, (1929, oban)

8.   Fuji from Miho no Matsubara, (1929, oban)

9.   Fuji from Lake Sai, (1929, oban)

10.   Fuji from Lake Shojin, (1929, oban)

11.   Nearby Omuro, (1929, oban)

12.   Yomei Gate, Nikko, (n.d., oban)

13.   Beauty Before Mirror, (n.d., oban)

14.   Woman and Kitten, (n.d., oban)

15.   Foothills at Ashitakayama, Summer, (1932, oban)

16.   Foothills at Ashitakayama, Autumn, (1932, oban)

17.   Cat with Bell, (n.d., oban)

18.   Awabi Pearl Fisher, (1931, oban)

19.   Saruhashi Bridge in Snow, (1931, tanzaku)

20.   Fuji from Lake Motosu, (n.d., oban)

21.   Shore of Lake Chuzenji, (n.d., oban)

22.   Fuji from Okitsu, (1929, oban)

23.   Cats with Ball, (n.d., oban)

24.   Cat and Tomato Plant, (1931, double oban)

25.   Sento - Public bath, (1932, double oban)

26.   Nembutsu Pool, Nikko in Autumn, (n.d., oban)

27.   Fujine, (n.d., oban)

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