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Baba Nobuhiko

Baba Nobuhiko was a minor Kyoto publisher who was active from the 1930's through the 1950's. He produced high quality shin hanga prints with especially fine carving and printing. The most notable artist to work with Baba Nobuhiko was Tsuchiya Koitsu. Another version of the Baba Nobuhiko seal includes the names of the carver and printer in boxes underneath the publisher's stamp.

Artists published by Baba Nobuhiko

Tsuchiya Koitsu
Domoto Insho
Mori Masamoto

Prints published by Baba Nobuhiko: Tsuchiya Koitsu

1.   Kangetsu Bridge, Shimonoseki on Early Autumn Evening, (1933, oban)

2.   Miho no Matsubara, (1936, oban)

3.   The River Banyu in Springtime, (1937, oban)

4.   Yoshidaguchi, Unoshima, (1937, oban)

5.   Lake Kawaguchi at the Foot of Mt Fuji, (1938, oban)

6.   The Inland Sea of Seto in Summer, (1938, oban)

7.   Lake Yamanaka, (1938, oban)

8.   Lake Ashi in the Hakone Hills in Early Autumn, (1938, oban)

9.   Asakusa Kannon Temple, (1938, oban)

9V.   Asakusa Kannon Temple (variant), (1938, oban)

10.   Tokaido Fujikawa, (1939, oban)

11.   Ukimido Shrine, Lake Biwa, (1939, oban)

12.   Yomei Gate, Nikko, (1939, oban)

13V.   A Midnight Scene at Atami, Famous Spa (variant), (1939, oban)

13.   A Midnight Scene at Atami, Famous Spa, (1939, oban)

14.   Sacred Bridge at Nikko on a Rainy Autumn Day, (1939, oban)

14V.   Sacred Bridge at Nikko on a Rainy Autumn Day (variant), (1939, oban)

15.   Sarusawa Pond on Rainy Evening, (1941, oban)

15V.   Sarusawa Pond on Rainy Evening (variant), (1941, oban)

16.   Miyajima at Night, (1941, oban)

Prints published by Baba Nobuhiko: Oda Hironobu

1V.   Nanso Kushiyama (later edition, recarved print), (n.d., oban)

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